Public Construction Workers

Since the Foundation for Fair Contracting of Massachusetts was created in 1992, we’ve helped public construction workers recover millions of dollars in back pay and overtime. We work to ensure that public construction workers in the state understand their rights under the law and have recourse when those rights have been violated.

How We Can Help

If you are working (or have worked) on public construction projects in Massachusetts and suspect that you’re:

FFCM monitors can assist you with the following:

  • Providing information about your rights under state and federal law
  • Determining whether you have a wage or other employment-related claim
  • Filing your complaint with the Massachusetts Attorney Generals office or other enforcement agencies
  • Following up with relevant agencies until your claim is resolved

What You Can Do

The FFCM is dedicated to helping workers on public construction projects receive the full prevailing wage that they are entitled to under the law. However, workers can help us help them by:

  • Keeping a log book of all hours worked under all work classifications on all projects. If you need a log book, contact us
  • Keeping pay stubs or copies of pay stubs to help corroborate allegation of violations.
  • Check posted wage rates on the job site. The General Contractor on each project is required to post these wage rate sheets in their trailer.
  • Ask questions! An employee has only three years to file a complaint, so gather as much information as possible and the FFCM will help sort out the rest.
  • Subscribe to our semiannual publication, Public Construction Watch, which provides public construction workers with updates on new laws and advisories and publishes outcomes of important precedent-setting decisions affecting public construction.

For more information and to determine whether you have a claim, call  1-877-507-3247, email or submit this form to contact us directly. Confidentiality is guaranteed.