Sewer Cleaner Cited

National Water Main Cleaning Company must pay more than $1 million for intentionally violating Massachusetts’ prevailing wage laws. The Attorney General’s office began investigating National Water Main and its owner, Salvatore F. Perri, after receiving complaints on behalf of workers from the Foundation for Fair Contracting. The AG’s investigation, which covered National Water Main’s work on sewer cleaning, maintenance and repair across the Commonwealth, found that the contractor violated the prevailing wage law by failing to pay the legal rate to employees performing multiple tasks.

National Water Main must pay $506,000 in restitution to a total of 84 employees who worked on various public construction projects from March 2008 to January 2011. The company was also ordered to pay $500,000 in penalties for prevailing wage violations and an additional $50,000 in penalties for failing to submit true and accurate payroll records as required under state law.

According to FFCM executive director, Karen Courtney, “Multiple National Water Main employees on jobs all over the state reported wage violations to the Foundation. Hopefully, this case sends a clear message to contractors that there’s a real cost to breaking the law.”